Ohne Tittel V

Engelsk Vg1



Kultur, samfunn og litteratur


Oppgavene er utarbeidet av Ciara Solheim ved Persbråten vgs, uke 13, 2011.

Vocabulary: horizontal, consumerism, brand, sterile, display, alienating, swoosh logo.

  1. Describe what you see in the photograph using the words above.
    Comment on the composition, perspective and colors.
  2. What kind of mood does the photo convey?
    What kinds of thoughts come to mind while studying the photograph?
  3. Look closer at the photograph.
    What are the various purposes of the shoes presented in the photo?
    What is the brand? Or is there more than one brand?
  4. Read what is written about the photograph in the explanation provided by Nasjonalmuseet. (sist sjekket juni 2011)
    Explain how the artist’s piece expresses his criticism of capitalism and globalization.
  5. Look at this link (sist sjekket juni 2011) for more work by Gursky.
    1. Which photographs are similar in theme to Ohne Titel V?
      Explain how/in which way.
    2. Which photographs do you like? Explain why.
    3. Who do you think Gursky’s intended audience is?
      For what purpose?
    4. Do you consider that this photo is art?
      What makes a photo a piece of art?
  6. In the last 20 years, Nike and other Western brands have been subjected to their share of controversy.
    The article “Nike: how ‘cool’ is exploitation?” (sist sjekket juni 2011) sheds light on some of the negativity that has surrounded Nike.Read and list the various controversial points made in the article about Nike.
    Keep in mind that the article was written in 1996, a year before this photograph.
    Use the Internet to find out where and how Nike produces its footwear today.
    Does the controversy surrounding Nike production still prevail?
    If yes, describe what this controversy is.
    Make a PowerPoint presentation where you present your findings.
    Give your presentation a name.
  7. Google the following website: Clean Clothes Campaign.
    This is an organization that is aimed to generate awareness about the clothes we buy.Make a PowerPoint presentation where you describe the various issues that the organization deals with/focuses on and how they are dealing with them.
    Give your presentation a name.

Til læreren

Oppgavene egner seg til å diskutere i grupper.
Oppgavene kan også brukes til små skriftlige tekster.
Elevene kan velge en av 2 PowerPoint-presentasjoner i oppgave 6 og 7.