Oppgavene er utarbeidet av Henning Gärtner ved Persbråten vgs i uke 11, 2009


Engelsk Vg1



Internasjonal engelsk


Engelskspråklig litteratur og kultur


Kultur, samfunn og litteratur

Til læreren:

Spørsmål 1-4 er best egnet for Engelsk Vg1.
Internasjonal engelsk og Engelskspråklig litteratur og kultur kan svare på alle spørsmål.
Spørsmål 8 involverer oversettelse fra Nasjonalmuseets tekst.
De kreative oppgavene kan gjøres av alle trinn.


Answer in writing and discuss in class.

  1. What is a truism? Look it up in the dictionary.
  2. How would you describe Jenny Holzer’s artwork “Truisms”?
    What do you see?
  3. Do you think that this collection of one-liners is a work of art?
    Explain why/why not.
  4. Which of Holzer’s sentences do you personally find most “catchy”? Explain.
  5. Go through the sentences and pick out the ones with which you strongly disagree.
    Give reasons why you disagree.

Advanced questions
Discuss in pairs and answer in writing.

  1. It is often said of modern and postmodern art, “BUT IT’S NOT ART!!”
    Discuss whether you think “Truisms” is an artwork or just a text like any other.
    Who or what do you think should decide whether something is defined as an artwork?
    Try to find out more about the subject “What is art” on the Internet.
  2. Why do you think the artist chose to work with texts instead of images?
  3. Read the text on Jenny Holzer from Nasjonalmuseet.
    • What does it say about the importance of setting and context for this art project?
    • Where do these sentences come from?
      Why do you think the artist uses different sources?
    • “Truisms” have been exhibited around the world in important art galleries.
      Do you see this as an interesting art project?
      Explain why / why not.

Creative Tasks
Choose one

  1. Make a poster!
    Use a big sheet of paper (A3) and create your own Truisms.
    You can write one-liners, cut out sentences from magazines etc.
    Present your artwork to the class.
  2. Write a short story using one of Holzer’s sentences as your title.
    Present your text to the class.
  3. “Truisms” has been labeled “conceptual art”.
    What do you think is meant by this label?
    Use the Internet (wikipedia etc.) to find out more about conceptual art.
    Create a PowerPoint presentation for the class called “Conceptual art”.
    Show examples of Conceptual art and tell about the artists.
  4. Make a short performance/dialogue that you act out for the class!
    All your lines should be taken from “Truisms”.