Angel of the North

Engelsk Vg1



  • Bruke et bredt utvalg av digitale og andre hjelpemidler, inkludert ettspråklige ordbøker på en selvstendig måte.


  • Velge og bruke innhold fra ulike kilder på en selvstendig kritisk og ansvarlig måte.

Kultur, samfunn og litteratur 

  • Drøfte sosiale forhold, samfunnsforhold og verdier i ulike kulturer i flere engelskspråklige land.


Oppgavene er utarbeidet av Alf Thomas Tønnessen ved Persbråten vgs, uke 4, 2010.

Vocabulary: Controversial, flasher, iconic landmark, spin-off products.

  1. Describe the monument. What is your first impression of this sculpture?
  2. Why do you think Anthony Gormley constructed an angel?
  3. One spectator claims that the Angel of the North is England’s statue of liberty?
    Is that en exaggeration? Provide reasons for your view.
  4. Write a short article in which you discuss why the construction of such a large sculpture was controversial in Britain.
    Provide a list of Internet sources that you consult in order to answer this task.
  5. Can you identify examples of other landmark buildings and attractions in other cities, such as New York City, London, Paris, Sidney, Oslo and Bilbao?
  6. What effects can such landmark buildings and attractions have on a local environment?
    Can these icons serve as symbols of these places?
    To what extent do you think these attractions promote tourism?
  7. Famous buildings and attractions often generate spin-off effects.
    Can you identify examples of such spin-off effects and products?
    Why do you think these products are made and sold?
    Please consult Gateshead Council. (sist sjekket juni 2011)
  8. Search for more information about the British sculptor Antony Gormley.
    You may use the website (sist sjekket juni 2011)
    What other sculptures and pieces of art is he known for?
    Beskriv hva du ser

Til læreren

Students should look up the vocabulary terms given below.
Tasks 1-3: oral discussion in groups of four.
Tasks 5-8 can be used for small presentations by students.

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