Gin lane

Emne: Engelsk historie og samfunn mellom borgerkrigen og første verdenskrig

Oppgavene er utarbeidet av Ellen Thyness og Eva Sirevåg ved Persbråten vgs, uke 38, 2008


Engelsk Vg1

Kultur, samfunn og litteratur 

  • drøfte sosiale og kulturelle forhold, samfunnsforhold og verdier i flere engelskspråklige land

Samfunnsfaglig engelsk

Kultur, samfunn og litteratur 

  • Drøfte sosiale og kulturelle forhold, samfunnsforhold og verdier i flere engelskspråklig land

Til læreren:

De 5 første oppgavene er beregnet både for Vg1 og Vg3, oppgave 6 og 7 er beregnet for Vg3.


Engelsk (Vg1) og Samfunnsfaglig engelsk

  1. Study the picture closely. How do you react to it? What feelings does it evoke?
    Discuss in groups or write your impressions.
  2. The picture is said to depict a society on the verge of collapse.
    Find details in the picture that show this.
    Make a list.
  3. Study closely the group of three people to the left (when looking at the picture) and explain what is going on (pawn broker = pantelåner).
    Discuss in groups or write your impressions.
  4. At the centre of the picture is a drunken mother carelessly taking a pinch of snuff while her baby falls – probably to its death.
    Write her story.
  5. Why did gin become such a curse in the 18th century?
    Did the authorities do anything to reduce the consumption of the drink?
    Find information in encyclopaedias or on the Internet.
    Present in class.

Samfunnsfaglig engelsk

  1. William Hogarth found many of his motives in life in 18th century London, a dirty and overcrowded city with huge class distinctions and numerous social problems.
    What setting and characters would you include if you were to illustrate the dark sides of life in a modern city?
    Draw a picture and / or write a text.
  2. The 18th century was the period of rationalism and enlightenment and writers as well as other artists were keen to spread these new ideas.
    Make a presentation of issues and central ideas of this period.
    Use encyclopaedias or the Internet to look up the Age of Enlightenment.
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