Engelsk Vg1



  • Bruke et bredt utvalg digitale og andre hjelpemidler, inkludert ettspråklig ordbøker, på en selvstendig måte


  • Produsere sammensatt tekster i digitale medier.
  • Uttryke seg skriftlig og muntlig på en nyansert og presis måte, med flyt og sammenheng


Oppgavene er utarbeidet av Henning Gärtner ved Persbråten vgs, uke 7, 2010.


Answer in writing and discuss in class.

  1. Describe what you see in the picture!
  2. How do the artist’s feelings for his dog “shine through” in his photograph?
    How do you feel when looking at it?
  3. Find the 10 adjectives that best describe dogs.
  4. What is it about dogs that we appreciate?
  5. What do dogs and human beings have in common?
  6. Per Manning is an artist.
    What is unique about his photographs if you compare them to amateur photos of dogs and pets that you have seen?
  7. Manning chose to call the pictures of his dog “Leo” and “Untitled”.
    Try to come up with other titles for the pictures.
    Explain why you choose these new titles!
  8. The French author Michel Houellebecq has said that the greatest joy a man can experience is the companionship of a dog.
    He laconically added that we do not deserve this companionship.
    What do you think he meant by this statement?

Creative Tasks

Choose one task and present it to the class.

  1. If you have a dog at home, or another animal, you can make a photo series!
    Take original and creative photos of your pet in different situations and locations, and from different angles.
    Use the pictures to make a PowerPoint presentation for your class, or add music and make a video.
  2. Make a collage titled “Dogs!”
    You may draw and write words and statements, as well as cut and paste from magazines, newspapers, photographs..
    Use a big sheet of paper (A3). Present your artwork to the class.
  3. The famous British author Virginia Woolf once wrote a novel from a cocker spaniel’s point of view, called Flush: A Biography.
    Imagine that you are a dog and that you just got a new owner.
    Write a short story about your experience.
    Read your text in groups or to the class.
  4. Write a satirical monologue where you, from a dog’s perspective, criticize people’s values and behavior in our time.
    Perform the monologue for your class!
  5. Imagine that your dog died.
    Write a speech of gratitude to your dog, to be read out loud at the funeral.
    Give the speech in class.
  6. Imagine that your dog just died, and compose a requiem for the funeral.
    It could be a song you play on your guitar, or maybe a sassy rap.
    Play or perform the requiem in class.

Til læreren: Oppgaven er laget slik at det er naturlig at elevene først snakker i små grupper for deretter å skrive ned et forslag til svar.


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