Smoker #24

Oppgavene er utarbeidet av Gunnar Renslo ved Persbråten skole i uke 38, 2011.


Engelsk Vg1


  • produsere sammensatte tekster i digitale medier

Kultur, samfunn og litteratur

  • drøfte sosiale og kulturelle forhold, samfunnsforhold og verdier i flere engelskspråklige land

Samfunnsfaglig engelsk


  • bruke et rikt og nyansert ordforråd av generell og fagspesifikk art

Kultur, samfunn og litteratur 

  • drøfte spørsmål knyttet til sosiale og økonomiske forhold i noen engelskspråklige land

Til læreren:

Students should look up the vocabulary terms given below.
Task 5: If the Camel ad web page is unavailable have the students google «1973 Camel Would he walk a mile for me.» If the same thing happens with the Tiplaet web page provided, have the students google the advertisement for «Tipalet cigarettes,» the ad features a man blowing his cigarette into the girl’s face.


exhale, wisps of smoke, disembodied, glossy, tanned, close-up, detail, angle, oversized

  1. Write a description of what you see in the painting.
    In your description, use at least 5 of the vocabulary words above, and describe the different colors that are used in the painting.
    (You may get some help using the words correctly by reading the other questions below.)
  2. Write a few sentences describing what effect the extreme close-up on the mouth, hand, smoke and cigarette has on you.
    (E.g: Do you find it repulsive? Enticing? Sensual? Gross?)
  3. Read your response to question 2 aloud in small groups.
    Compare your reactions to the painting, and if your opinions differ, discuss them.
  4. Why do you think the painter chose to paint a disembodied mouth rather than painting a whole face?
    Suggest some possibilities and discuss which one(s) you find most reasonable.
  5. In the 1960s and 1970s, Americans were very used to seeing advertisement posters like this one (Camel) (sist sjekket juni 2011) for different cigarette brands. They were everywhere, from huge boards along the motorway, to Playboy magazine, like this one (Tipalet). (sist sjekket juni 2011)Do you think the behavior portrayed here is sexy, or a good way to pick up girls?

    In your group, choose one of the ads above and compare it with Wesselmann’s painting. Make a list of similarities and differences that you find.
    Can you see why Wesselmann’s painting would remind people of this type of ad?
    Also discuss what might be the artist’s motivation for doing some things differently from the ads.

  6. Read the text from Nasjonalmuseet. (sist sjekket juni 2011)
    Then choose one or two other paintings by Wesselmann. (sist sjekket juni 2011)
    How are women portrayed in these paintings?
    Discuss what view of women Wesselmann’s paintings represent.
    Also discuss what comments you think Wesselmann may be offering on how women were (or still are?) portrayed in advertising.
  7. Read the text “Smoking stinks!”.
    Write a summary of the arguments the article uses to dissuade young people from smoking.Make a poster for an anti-smoking campaign for young people.
    The poster should consist of both image and text.
    You can use one of Wesselmann’s «Smoker» paintings and write your own text to go with it, or make your own image by painting, drawing or photographing something appropriate.
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