The Fighting Temeraire tugged to her last Berth to be broken up

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Oppgaver utarbeidet av Gunnar Renslo og Ciara Solheim ved Persbråten vgs, uke 44, 2010.

  1. Look up the following words (if you don’t already know them):
    tug, berth, gunship, steamboat, furled sails, mast, ghostly, sunset, fiery
  2. Write a description of what you see in the painting using at least 5 of the words in task 1.
  3. Compare the colours used to paint the steamboat and the sailing ship(s).
    What effect(s) do you feel the different colours create?
    How would you describe the mood in the painting?
    Discuss in pairs (in English, of course!).
  4. Read the text from Nasjonalmuseet. (sist sjekket juni 2011)
    Make a short summary of the text in English.
    Does this information give you some new associations to the painting?
    What do you think the steamboat and sail ship could symbolize?
    Discuss in pairs.
  5. It has been pointed out that the painting is not entirely historically accurate.
    For one thing, when the ship was sent to be broken up, it had actually been lying for a while with no masts or rigging. For another, it would not have been towed as late in the day as sunset, since the job would be risky without full daylight.
    What effect(s) do you feel Turner created by painting the ship with the rigging intact, and at sunset?
    Discuss in pairs.
  6. Choose one of the following 7 tasks:
  7. Make an online visit The National Gallery located in London. (sist sjekket juni 2011)
    First, read about the painting, and then click onto Artist Biography at the bottom of the webpage.
    Read about Turner and view some of his other paintings.
    In pairs, imagine one being a journalist and the other being Turner himself.
    Create an interview.
    Present to the class.
  8. Have you ever been to Trafalgar Square in London?
    How have the accomplishments of Lord Horatio Nelson and his fleet been immortalized in the city?
    Research it on the Internet. Make a short PowerPoint presentation including photos and maps.
  9. Research the “Battle of Trafalgar” and read Lord Horatio Nelson’s prayer before the battle of Trafalgar. (sist sjekket juni 2011)
    What do you think he said to his men just before the battle?
    Write a speech for Lord Nelson to his men and give it before class.
  10. Research the “Battle of Trafalgar” and explain the events to class.
    Make illustrations for your explanation, or have the different members of the group act out the manoeuvres of the British, French and Spanish fleets in the battle.
  11. Research the “HMS Temeraire” itself.
    Write either a heroic or a realistic poem about the ship.
    (If you want to, you can use Sir Henry Newbolt’s “The fighting Temeraire” (sist sjekket juni 2011) as inspiration – but don’t copy it!)
    The group should recite their poem to class in chorus.
  12. Research the “Napoleonic Wars”.
    Look especially for how important the navy was to the British victory.
    Can this help explain the heroic status of people like Lord Nelson?
    Make a short presentation for class, or write an essay, where you give reasons for your answer to this question.
    List your sources.
  13. The Napoleonic Wars ushered in an era known as the “Pax Britannica”.
    Find out what is meant by this expression, and explain it to class.
    Also do some research on the British Empire, including making a list of the parts of the British Empire in the mid-1800s.
    Read the list out aloud to class
  14. Go back to tasks 5-6.
    What has your work with tasks 5-6 added to your understanding of the painting?
    Discuss with members of the other groups!
  15. English author Patrick O’Brian is known primarily for his novels about naval captain Jack Aubrey and surgeon Stephen Maturin, set in the times of the Napoleonic Wars. The books have sold more than 2 million copies and have also been made into a film, called Master & Commander, starring Russell Crowe.
    Why do you think such stories have been so popular?
  16. Watch the film Master and Commander and write a review.
  17. It has been claimed that Britain’s naval power was declining at the time the painting was made.
    Research what the reasons for this might have been.
    Write an essay.

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Oppgavene 3-5 er pararbeid (for alle).
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