Untitled #92

Oppgavene er utarbeidet av Henning Gartner og Gunnar Rensloved Persbråten vgs, uke 50, 2008


Engelsk Vg1

Kultur, samfunn og litteratur 

  • drøfte sosiale og kulturelle forhold, samfunnsforhold og verdier i flere engelskspråklige land

Internasjonal engelsk

Kultur, samfunn og litteratur

  • reflektere over hvordan kulturforskjeller og ulike verdisystem kan påvirke kommunikasjon

Til læreren:

”Questions” passer for begge trinn.

”Advanced questions” + ”Research” er mer avansert, og kan derfor være bedre egnet for Internasjonal engelsk.



Discuss in groups:

  1. Describe the woman in the photo. How is she dressed?
  2. Describe her face and her facial expression.
  3. Describe the feelings you think she expresses. What do you think her posture and her body language indicate?
  4. How do you feel when looking at her?
  5. Where do you think she is – and what is happening to her?
  6. Who or what do you think she is looking at?

Creative task

  1. Write a short horror story based on the picture. Begin with the following line:
    “I am sitting on the floor in my skirt, and I’m freezing. I hear him now. I can hear him coming.”

Advanced questions

Discuss in groups:

  1. Why do you think Cindy Sherman works with photographs instead of paintings?
  2. What is the difference between an art photo (like this one) and a commercial photo (for instance an ad for clothes or perfume)?
  3. Why do you think Sherman makes self-portraits instead of taking photographs of other people?
  4. Does the photo remind you of any films you have seen? Any particular genre?
  5. Cindy Sherman is by many considered to be a feminist artist who shows stereotypical images of women, often inspired by pop culture.
    1. What is a feminist?
    2. Does the woman in the photo pose in a way that you would call “typically feminine”?
    3. Try to imagine a man in the same posture as the girl.
      Would your reaction to the photo be any different?
    4. What do you think Cindy Sherman is trying to achieve by showing us women posing in a stereotypical or cliché manner?


Answer in writing and discuss in groups:

Cindy Sherman is a famous American artist, especially known for her self-portraits,
where she poses theatrically in various costumes and situations.

Go online and find more photos by Cindy Sherman using this link (sist sjekket juni 2011)

Also, read the text about Cindy Sherman written by Nasjonalmuseet (sist sjekket juni 2011),
and the article about the artist Cindy Sherman on Wikipedia (sist sjekket juni 2011)

  1. What is your general impression of Cindy Sherman’s art work?
  2. Do you find her work interesting or confusing – or would you choose another word?
    Explain why you feel the way you do about it.
  3. What do you feel Cindy Sherman’s pictures are about, thematically?
  4. Do you think there is a moral or political message in Cindy Sherman’s art?
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